Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Jeff deserves more than one day a year to honor his contribution to our wacky bunch. He deserves a week, but is lucky to get the day. So we maximized our efforts to give him what he really wanted: A DAY OFF!

The kids crafted

Happy Father's Day cards as I whipped up a Sunday breakfast extravaganza. I chilled the diet coke ever so nicely, cut up a ton of fresh fruit, scrambled the eggs, and toasted the bagels. We allowed Jeff the guilty pleasure of sleeping late. When Eli went upstairs to noodge*** him with a cold glass of the precious diet coke, it was the ultimate wake up call, past 10:00 on a Sunday.

All four kids
showered him with lots of juicy smackers, big hugs and plenty of loud love. They delivered their cards
made without any spelling assistance,

in accordance with five year old, sound it out spelling. We presented him with a look book of the photos
from our family shoot. Please note the matching outfits and professional photography- you know who you are.

By the way, these hardback photo books are a deal from ArtsCow- when they run daily specials you can get them for about $9 shipped. The real cost is your time creating the project. We also made our Daddio a few tee shirts and ball caps using the same images- it was a theme. I used Vista Print for the hats & tees, and added them to my order of free postcards that I made as invitations to Mitchell's graduation party. The actual cost was just shipping and even then I spent less than $13 for the whole order. I am always planning for the gift giving holidays ahead of time. I am patting myself on the back for this, mainly because Jeff was very adament that we did not spend any money on gifts. CHA CHING!

The day continued with a trip to the activity center at the Market District, where Jeff had lunch, listened to his i-pod, checked emails, and zoned out. The kids all played nicely as I shopped for the ingredients for our BBQ cookout to be served at dinner. When we got home, Jeff napped and I made yet another meal. Wooo Hooo.

Happy Father's Day honey- you deserve a week but better be satisfied with the day.

It is really just three meals a day over here, with gifts and naps thrown in for my pleasure, yeah, right.

To nudge or prod in a pesky way.
The kids kept noodging me to buy them pillow pets!

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