Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation Week

Graduation week officially began tonight. For us, this celebration is week long. There are parties, luncheons, award ceremonies, commencements and more parties. With one Senior graduating from high school, and three kindergarten graduates, our week is full of joy.

With respect to high school, we have: two down- four to go!

At 7:30 tonight, we hosted Mitchell and his friends, their families and ours for a pool party. There were some special surprise guests- including Laida, Mitchell's former nanny,

Jeremy, the manny, who came with his sweet wife and gorgeous daughter Sophia. Mitchell's football coach came to wish him well, and you could tell these two have a close relationship- I love that.

I made a huge salad, ordered 20 large pizzas, bought a cake at Costco, decorated the pool area and called it a party. If I had a larger budget I could have pulled out all the stops, but I went with understated elegance. Ha. Ha. Ha.

If I thought some of the more expensive details were important to Mitchell I would have made them happen. For example, I priced some fancy graduation tortes and beautifully decorated custom cakes. The most reasonably priced ones were about $125 or so. I asked Mitchell if he was interested in seeing the options and he told me to choose. I picked the vanilla creme filled sheet cake from Costco. For $17.99 we fed the whole mob of people with cake leftover.

I should have ordered ahead so that they could have written "Congratulations Mitchell" on the top, but in the past, I had them do that part at the point of purchase. Apparently, 144 other people pre-ordered their cakes, because on Saturday when I went to pick up our stock cake, the bakery attendant was freaking out about getting all the orders completed. I said, "No problem, Mitchell will be fine with what you have out in the case!" She paused, and said, "Hmmm, his name is Mitchell? I have a cake that we made for a Michele, and we accidentally wrote Michelle with two L's, if you want that one, you can have it!" I thought it best we just roll withCongratulations Graduate, since it was already to go.

All night we referred to Mitchell as GRADUATE. He could have cared less. There are no photos of him cutting the cake either, for the same reason. He could have cared less. There were hot girls at the party, the last thing he wanted to do was serve cake. I got that.

And those 20 large pizzas I had delivered from Rotelli.... not a scrap of crust was even left by 8:20. It was just empty boxes.

The four triplets were so excited to be a part of the action. They swam, ate pizza,

and then were changed into their pajamas as the evening went on. I adore the way Mitchell and his friends make them feel special too.

The class of 2011 was a great group of party goers. They acted respectfully at the pool,

had pleasant manners, and were socially very aware of themselves. I feared the worst, hoped for the best, and was ever so surprised that there was very little, if any, drama. A gathering of more than a hundred 17-18-19 year olds is a recipe for drama.

The girls were all fapootzed,*** so very few of them actually got in the pool.

The guys however, had no reason not to get in and shoot pool hoops. I made them pose for all these photos and within hours, everyone was tagged and posted on facebook.

As the sun set on our evening, the party scene looked awesome.

I totally rocked not having this at our house. It was wonderful to just set up, enjoy the party, clean up and go home to my bed.

I know this week is gonna fly by. We have an full calendar of events, all related to our many graduates. Let graduation week begin!

All made up, hair fixed and fluffed and totally groomed to the maximum.
The women at the Hadassah lunch got all fapootzed for the event.

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