Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go The F*CK to Sleep

Destined to be on every bookshelf soon, this book, aptly titled, Go the Fuck To Sleep is genius. There are many nights in my recent past when I could have written a similar tale. I guess like Man Spanx, I missed my calling. Again.

Here is the audio version narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. I kept waiting for someone to bring me a Royale with Cheese while I was laughing my ass off listening to the story.

How can you not love this book? Any parent of multiples that has survived the first year, will have this book memorized- even in spirit. As my kids were finally all schloofie***, I would pray for uninterrupted slumber until daylight.

Now, as it is late and my kids are playing musical beds, I must find a spot to Go the Fuck to Sleep.

Deep slumbery sleep, tired and fatigued to the point of being comatose asleep.
I read the book Go the Fuck to Sleep until the kids were schloofie.

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