Monday, June 20, 2011

Eli at Lai Lai

In keeping with giving each child a bit of one on one attention, I took Eli out for a special day. Alone. With me.

He was chosen because this morning, he exhibited the best behavior. There was hysteria when the others realized he got a special day and they did not. Too bad, so sad.

Believe me, if there is one thing you can do to encourage the monkeys to tow the line, it is to reward the one that does.

We started by taking my virus laden laptop to the repair center. Then, we headed over to the barber shop where Eli got a nice summer hair cut. He got to select a lollipop after he sat nicely for the stylist, and there was no one to fight over colors with. No one else wanted what he wanted and he picked without pressure from peers. This is what shows me how important it is to give him the undivided attention and special days out.

Eli ate his dum dum sucker on the way to Lai Lai to have lunch with Daddy. It wasn't until we were seated that I noticed what color of lollipop he had chosen.
Apparently, the blue smurf color is cotton candy flavored. Ewwwwwww. (Note to my naysayers: See, I allowed him to eat pure crap, without a fuss. So much for my whole food, dye free, HFCS ban.)

We had a great Chinese lunch at Lai Lai. The lunch special comes with soup, an egg roll, crab rangoon, entree and rice. This is Eli sampling all of the various elements of his lunch. The lemon chicken there is amazing.

Eli could not wait to take home the leftovers for dinner. Thankfully, Chinese food from Lai Lai is the antidote for blue sucker stained tongues.

I am quite sure Eli will remember this day for a long time. Now that I got a blog post up, we can refer back to the photos as needed.

Lai Lai Bye Bye.

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