Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Easton Art Fair

I schlepped all four people to the Easton Art Fair at Town Center. My plan included getting these kids some fresh air, broadening their minds with some artisan works, and forcing them to walk around and expel every ounce of energy they had.

This is an annual free field trip. This year, I got smart and dressed my campers in their swimwear underneath their clothes. I used the splash pad fountains as a reward for those who listened, stayed together, held hands, did not touch any merchandise and kept a good attitude.

This was my idea of a good time during the weekend portion of Camp Helene.

We took some action photos for the blog,

under the guise of showing Lillian and Samuel the Easton fountains. We are in countdown mode until the mishpocha*** come to visit us. This will be a must do with all six of the monkey cousins.

The kids really did well. I am at a place in the parenting gig where they pretty much know what is expected of them. This makes attending an outdoor art show possible.

We stopped to enjoy the trains, which are always an entertaining hit. This year there was a performance artist on the street near the railroad station.

My kids were totally enthralled with his mime routine and neon painted get up. At first they thought he was a statue, but when he started posing they were really in awe. Charlotte wanted no part of his act. At all.

The children's craft fair is tomorrow. I have already suggested that we come back to make kites and paint pottery tiles like we did last year. Another one of my free field trips has been executed without fail.

Who wants to sign up for the second week of Camp Helene? Hurry, there are two openings for 4 & 5 year olds left. There is a mishpocha discount if you qualify.

family, a clan of relatives
The entire mishpocha was at the wedding in Cincinnati.

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