Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Two, Easton Art Fair

The kids did so well yesterday at the spectator part of the fair on Saturday. Today, the Easton Art Fair offered projects for the younger set, so we took complete and full advantage of this free field trip.

Welcome to Camp Helene field trip, day two of, The Easton Art Fair.

I was not high when I decided to take them all back by myself. They totally impressed me yesterday, so I was confident it would be day two of the same.


I could blow sunshine, moonbeams and leprechauns up your ass, but I won't waste my time pretending this was pretty.

I wanted a decent group photo to frame for Nana's birthday next week. I had to take 52 shots to getthis one. Normally, they pose, smile and do the obligatory photo thing right away so they can move on to the fun stuff. Not today. Cue the torture and drama.

While they created a paint your own pottery tiles, it was all fine and dandy.

Charlotte asked me to draw a penguin in pencil so she could color it with the glaze. This portion of the crafting went very well. We pick up our tiles in July after they are fired in the kiln.

Against my better judgement I took the four lunatics to the kite making station. I knew it was a bad, bad, bad, bad, idea to have four kids coloring and then trying to fly kites. I needed this kind of problem like a loch in kup***. They initially fought over who would get which color kite. I cited my Summer Camp Mantra, "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!" Eventually, decisions were made about colorsand they began to decorate with markers. I stood back horrified at the way they acted. I kept my sunglasses on in the shade to hide my evil stink eye glare.

As I predicted, four kites, four kids, and a small patch of grass is a recipe for disaster. I warned them to stay away from each other. I explained that the kites would get tangled and ruined if they ran into someone else. I suggested we wait until we were in a park or at home, but they could not wait to fly these cheap ass, easily destroyed kites.

The fun

lasted all of three minutes before there was a public display of drama. I replaced a string for Charlotte within the first five seconds of use. I quickly snapped the "happy" photos, knowing this kite flying would be short lived. Somehow, I just knew still photos would not do the scene justice.

I got this short video segment right before the onslaught of destruction and complete meltdown.

Overall, it was a complete fail when three of the four kites were broken. There was not a snowballs chance in hell I was going to play kite triage nurse all day. When the hissy fits started, we packed up the pile of kite remains and got out of there.

I was pretty sure the patio diners at Brio were mildly entertained by my freak show.

Clearly, I pushed my luck. Remind me next year to skip the kites and bring along another camp counselor. How many more weeks of Camp Helene? I may need additional back up.

***loch in kup
A hole in the head
The Duggar family needs another baby like a loch in kup.

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