Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy Hair like a Messhuganah

Ever since Natalie was little, I would take her hair out of pig/pony tails, remove bows, and run my fingers wildly through her hair to untangle the mass of curls and waves. I'd fluff it up and make it look completely wild- a game we affectionately called, "Crazy Hair!"

Lately, on my quest to teach everyone Yiddish, I have been suggesting I give the girls hair like the messhuganahs.***

Charlotte does not like to be excluded from the triplets. Not one to be left out, she has been requesting that I give her crazy hair too. It is not a daunting task because Charlotte has a mane of ringlets like no other. Ruffling up that doo is a pleasure. Charlotte can do crazy hair on steroids.

This is Charlotte from the front.
Note the Dora nightgown for reference. It is difficult to tell the front from the back,as you can clearly see. What a messhuganah, right?

I will often say, Oy, girls, your hair is completely crazy, you look like a bunch of messhuganahs. They laugh and laugh and beg me to do it.

Now, instead of wanting crazy hair, my sweet, three year old daughter says, Make me a messhuganah. Indeed.

***Messhuganah- (miss-shoog-ah-nah)
A lunatic, a crazy, wild person
Look at those Messhuganahs playing golf in the rain!

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