Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Costing "Cutting" Measures

The good thing about hair cuts, is that eventually, the hair grows out. Awwww, geez, I sure hope so, for the sake of the former, Curly James.

In an effort to save $15, Jeff decided to give CJ a hair cut, lest I take him for a special day that included a trip to the barber shop. Jeff trimmed CJ up a while back, and it was ok. This time, not so much.

This do it yourself project took place on the back deck, while I was attending a Condom Couture meeting. I was planning a fashion show while my husband was giving my son a fashion DON'T.

It will grow back. Eventually.

Here is the photographic proof of the butchering of my boy. You will notice the bare patches, the uneven front hair line,

and the general loss of any shape or style. No amount of product can compensate for the this hair cut.

Somehow, Jeff's cost cutting, hair cutting methods are best saved for those that actually compete with a $6 hair cut place.

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