Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camp Giant Eagle Market District

Speaking of lame cost cutting measures, Jeff determined that if I was not working full time this summer, I would be the camp counselor. Enrolling four kids in a day camp here is out of our budget. Welcome to Camp Helene.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the summer camp counselor for the 4 & 5 year old group. I painstakingly plan, transport, execute and supervise a daily field trip, teach make-shift, do it yourself swim lessons, and I create and direct arts and crafts. Camp Helene serves lunch daily, and is a 24/7 program for almost 12 full weeks. FML.

There is only so much mental health medication I can take before I am in a stupor. Therefore, I rely on the free field trips and summer programs to get me through the sessions here at Camp Helene. I maximize the camp day by supplementing and delegating some of the work load.

Ahhhhhh, yes. There is a solution to the 24/7 problem. Camp Giant Eagle Market District. This week they have a fun filled carnival theme where every day is a different big top kind of party. When we checked in on Father's Day Sunday we got a punch card for the week.These kind souls were actually ENCOURAGING the kids to come five times this week. As if you had to twist our arms? Oh hells to the yes, my kids were all over getting punches so they could win a prize.

Speaking of check in there is a little guessing game. As I sign the crew into the activity center, my kids salivate and attempt to guess how many candies are in the container. They are all fierce and competitive so clearly, these kind of contests are brutal for me. I help each one make an educated guess and I pray for the best possible outcome.

This week, I was the adult contest winner from Sunday. I won a prize package of pop corn related items, kettle corn, and other various movie night stuff. The kids were so excited when we arrived today. We claimed my prize, they played, had lunch upstairsfrom the cafe and they all made a guess at how many jelly bellies were in the jar.

I have a feeling there may be a merger of Camp Helene and Camp Giant Eagle Market District. When this camp counselor needs a break, the fine folks at the activity center can take over. I don't need no stinkin punch card to motivate me.

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