Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blueberry Muffin Makers

I am always looking for activities that kill two birds with one stone. Multi tasking is my forte. If I can find a project that entertains the campers and yields a product, my work is done.

I bought a ton of blueberries on sale. We had blueberries in our cereal. We ate blueberries for snacks. With a few too many blueberries sitting around on a rainy day, we made blueberry muffins.

In order to keep the small hands busy while I was checking email and doing Lord knows what, I had the kids pick through the blueberries. They were instructed to remove any ugly berries, any squished berries, and to look for stems or leaves. This bought me ten minutes of silence and a chance to download the Barefoot Contessa Blueberry muffin recipe from Food

I used this recipe but substituted the Nearly Normal Gluten Free Flour. I kept everything else the same.

The kids assisted me by cracking eggs, measuring ingredients
and sampling the batter along the way. I have found that regardless of what we make, they eat a ton of the finished product if they helped create it.

These were simply amazing. I would bet that they would have eaten them if I had made them by myself, but then they would have missed out on all the fun.

Rainy summer days in pajamas, making blueberry muffins- it does not get any lazier and tastier than this. Meet the muffin makers- two birds- one stone.

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asrubin10 said...

must get a blueberry muffin RIGHT.NOW! (thanks a lot...)

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