Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sunday Night Routine

Sunday evenings are typically full of my kind of excitement. There is the thrill of the new week ahead, this means getting organized to tackle three meals and five snacks a day for nine people. It takes some planning to be the ring leader of this "clusterfuck" as Mitchell so eloquently stated in his video about our family.

In order to properly feed all the mouths, I resort to cooking in batches, clipping coupons, and being frugal, buying in bulk. When I am whipping up meal plans for the week, I take into consideration what is on sale, what is already in the pantry or freezer, and I make the menus accordingly. It is this method to my madness that allows me the freedom to serve home cooked, made from scratch meals every day without making myself totally insane.

There are advantages to this system. First, I can feed everyone healthy meals that are far more nutritious than eating out. Secondly, I can save us a boat load of cash by being aware of the prices of ingredients and using what is fresh, on sale or is practically free with double coupons. Third and probably the most sanity saving, I never have to scramble at 4:30 and punt with pizzas or take out.

For me, it is easier to spend a few hours on Sunday evening getting ready for the week ahead. I entertain myself by watching a weeks worth of "Bravo Mommie Porn" on the DVR. I can listen, by pass the commericals, and look up at random at the various franchises of the Real Housewives series while prepping my grocery plans and coupon bible. Nothing motivates me to save money like seeing the Real Housewife train wrecks spend it. There is a sick thrill in it for me, but only those who watch those shows can understand.

I pour myself a smart cocktail to match the show de jour. Mojitos for the Miami ladies, a Manhattan for the NYC gals, Margaritas for the women of Orange County, and a fine whine or wine for those Beverly Hills ladies. My Sundays are wild I am telling you. Just WILD!

Here is what it looks like in the kitchen on Sunday night after the dogs are walked and the kids are in bed.
I sprawl out my crap on the kitchen table and I make piles of the clipped coupons from the Sunday circulars. I buy two papers and sometimes, when we are at Giant Eagle someone leaves their leftover advertisements and coupons on the counter. While I am not interested in digging through dumpsters for the coupons, I am willing to take donations from the recycling pile. I cut and file the coupons in my binder by section or aisle.

I also print coupons on line. There are many websites that are devoted to posting coupons and links to specific offers. Some of my regular bookmarks are:

So, now my Sunday night little secret is not such a secret. My routine is by choice. Do I know how to have a blast or what? Who wants in? Anyone wanna come over and make it a real party? I will mix the drinks set up the 20 foot catering table with scissors.


Carrie said...

I'm right there with ya. I love starting my week organized and ready to go. It becomes necessity in families like ours!

Helene said...

White Chicken Chili in the crock pot now Carrie....smells good round here

Mona Baker said...

love the pink chairs, did you find them or recover some?

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