Monday, May 23, 2011

The Spring Fling

In celebration of Lag B'Omer at the Chanel School, we took the kids to the Spring Fling. This carnival fundraiser had been my currency with the little ones all week. Every day at kindergarten drop off and pick up I taunted them by showing them the big tent and rides from a far.

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, these kids were beyond excited.

Thankfully, the clouds parted, and the rain stopped for just long enough to enjoy this outdoor celebration. The Spring Fling was a rain or shine event, and I was not prepared to waddle through mud and muck for the better part of a Sunday afternoon.

As you can see

it was sunny and bright for the fling. Here is the documented proof that Jeff parented the children during the event. He wore his custom made tee shirt
and trotted round the school with his hands full.

The kids were not tall enough to ride a burlap sack down the FUN SLIDE, so of course, Jeff had to chaperon them on his lap. One at a time. Over and Over again.

I was beginning to think he wished the world had come to an end yesterday. He was a good sport, he climbed up to the top a few too many times, and when he heard the squeals of delight from each of the children, he agreed to go again and again. As much as I sarcastically bitch about him, he is a good daddio.

By the time we schlepped all the kids home, showered, fed, and night time routines all four, we had been flung.

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