Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Refrigerator Envy Anyone?

Last year, I made sugar cookies at my sister's house and I had a bad case of oven envy. Now, anyone with a gaggle of kids and a passion for couponing, batch cooking and buying in bulk on sale, will have fridge envy at my house.

Up until this morning, we had our side by side in the kitchen, the side by side from Jeff's old condo in the garage next to the big stand up freezer unit. My system for separating CJ's perishables included using the old bachelor pad side by side for all the gluten free stuff and as overflow for milk, yogurt, juice, eggs and butter. Up until this morning, when I discovered that the entire unit had shot craps.

I spent half an hour transferring anything from the freezer side into the giant freezer. I purged the fridge of all non necessary items like waters, sodas, unopened condiments and nuts. I then shuffled all the mandatory fridge items into the house. It was a pain in the ass, but fortunately, I discovered the problem before the food was spoiled.

The white side by side served us well. It was poached from Jeff's bachelor condo as one of the only items I thought we could use and that did not pose a decorating hazard to my health. Because the unit was 12 plus years old, out of warranty and not working, we collectively had to make a decision. Do we call out a repair service for a minimum of $75 just to say hello, discover that it costs more to fix the darn thing than it is actually worth, or do we buy a replacement and say eff you to $500.

The answer to that question can be answered right here. While browsing for a new replacement model, I saw these beauties in the showroom. Ahhhh, maybe someday. I was just dreaming until Jeff gently pryed my grip off of the handles and shuffled me over to the sea of white beasts in our price range. Humpf!

After a trip to the discount, aka scratch and dent department of Appliance Smart, we found a brand new but nicely dinged and dented
stand up refrigerator unit that came with a full manufacturer warranty, delivery, and removal of the old unit. DING DING DING. I made Charlotte pose next to my new luxury item. (notice her fancy pink dress for running errands with Mommie)

Check out the drawers and storage space in this sucker! No pesky wasted space with a lame butter dish either- when the fridge does not have a freezer area, the interior is properly designed to maximize the storage capabilities.

Nothing is sexier than a 20 cubic foot fridge for the garage. When parked next to my stand up freezer, I will be the envy of all my friends and family. What foodie would not covet such a prestigious set up?

To thrill me even more, I got an email from my friend Babette. She read my blog post about buying two Columbus Dispatch Sunday Papers just for the coupon inserts, and she offered to donate hers to my worthy cause. Getting extra coupons is a huge high, and getting them for free is the icing on the buy one get one free cake.

Now all I need is a triple coupon day for yogurt, cheese, eggs, butter and any other perishables. I am still dreaming about those ovens, but in the mean time, I can drool at my own deluxe set up. It is literally, so cool!

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