Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oy Vey on Friday

With Friday the 13th a week behind us, and the pending doom of the end of the world tomorrow, it is fitting that Oy Vey, my 2005 Toyota Sienna, bit the dust today. Oy vey all right.

On the way home from Pre-school graduation, Charlotte and I were in a car accident. Another car came off the highway and blew through the light, lost control, and plowed into the front of the van just a few inches to the right of head on. It was a loud, scary, and freakish moment and thankfully Charlotte and I were only freaked out. Both of us were in our safety belts/booster seats, and both of us, Baruch Hashem walked away uninjured.

The van was not as lucky. I took these photos at the scene, not so much for the blog as for the documentation of how hard we were hit,

and the proof of the damage to the van. I wanted photos for the battle between the insurance companies. I know that these claims are never simple.

Aside from the damage to the van, we would need a new license plate, four booster seats (it is recommended that the safety seats be replaced after a crash) and I made sure I took the images to show our claims adjuster.

As the tow truck arrived, I learned that the other driver was driving on a suspended license and was uninsured. This means that my uninsured motorist coverage will be billed for these items. It also means that I am on the hook for our $500 deductible. Oy vey.

I found it kind of funny that after she calmed down, Charlotte found the silver lining in the whole wreck. She was the only one riding in the van at the time. She got to be in a car accident and the triplets didn't. Sadly, this kind of experience was something she could not wait to tease them about. Nanny nanny boo-boo, I got to meet police, fireman and ambulance guys and yoooouuuuuu didn't. Ahhhh, sibling rivalry. My fellow multiple moms will totally feel me on this one.

The fact that Charlotte and I were unharmed make this all bearable. Perhaps none of this will matter if the world ends tomorrow. But just in case, I have to get a rental vehicle. The clusterfuck never ends. Oy Vey all right.


Mona Baker said...

you'll want to check this helene, but i think you only have to replace the seats if they are occupied during the crash because of the stress of restraining the child might have caused microfractures, no kid, no stress, glad you 2 are ok

Melanie said...

Glad you are ok. I would still replace them just in case. It looks like they were still thrown around and hitting the sides of the van could cause a problem later on.
And while I think that we all tend to sue people too much, this is one of those cases where I would have your lawyer sending a bill to the other driver.

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