Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Gangbusters

Wet, grey, and moderate spring weather is great if you are planting a garden. Entertaining four small kids, um yeah, not so much.

I have already planted my summer garden. This year, I decided to use pots and urns rather than our chipmunk, rabbit and squirrel friendly backyard. Even with two Jack Russell Terriers
on patrol, we lost a lot of produce to uninvited guests last year. I take this as a lesson learned, and I am not making that mistake again.

Some more popular Mommie bloggers are doing straw bale gardening, but I have no desire to work that hard. I am not buying the whole topsy turvy tomato thing either, so I got out my decorative planters, filled them with some additional organic soil, and voila.

Here is my future salad.

I already have some green tomatoes. If and when we ever see the sun around here, these yellow flowers will become dinner. I believe this will be a bumper crop given the early start to the roots.

Here is how you plant a garden on your front porch. Fill the pots with soil. Dig some plots to plant the starters. Water often. Keep small children from picking the fruits of your labor before they are ripe and ready. Harvest crops as needed.

While I have barely gotten my hands dirty, my little garden experiment is growing gangbusters.

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