Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fairy Tale Wedding Showers

This weekend the media was in a frenzy over the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. While I was interested in all the fashion, pomp and circumstance, I had my own party to attend.

When Prince Charles and Diana got married thirty years ago, I watched their wedding live on cable television. Of course, Nana and Papa did not pay for such luxuries, so I had to spend the night at Michelle Roberts house. We got up in the middle of the night, drank tea, and marveled at the fantasy coming to life on the screen. We critiqued all the outfits and dreamed of our own fairy tale wedding some day. Little did Michelle know that she would get two fantasy weddings, I would take the cash option, and both Princess Diana and Michelle would end up divorced. Reality bites.

This time, I valued a good nights sleep more than watching the Royal Wedding live. Modern technology allows for setting the tivo and watching all the coverage later, sans commercials and fast forwarding through the hymns and boring parts. I have come so far.

After witnessing the beauty and splendor of the wedding of Prince William, I attended an equally posh and much more realistic wedding shower in Mason. Jeff's cousin Linda is getting married later this month and it was fun to be able to honor her. When it takes you a long time to find your Prince Charming, you must celebrate with friends and family. Trust me, I kissed a few too many frogs before I met Jeff. I know this to be true.

The shower was absolutely wonderful.

There was amazing food, delicious cake and the best part: NO SHOWER GAMES. There were no wise cracks about breaking ribbons and fertility since the bride was wearing reading glasses and having hot flashes.

I did craft a bouquet from the ribbons on the gifts, and Linda can use this as her rehearsal florals. That was the extent of the silly wedding shower traditions, thank GAWD. No one really likes playing shower games anyway.

I enjoyed being in the frilly and girlie setting that is a bridal shower. The event was decorated and staged to use the wedding party colors of bright orange and fuchsia.

The swanky invitation, floral centerpieces and linens matched the color scheme. For a moment I had a flashback to the scene in Steel Magnolias:

Linda's colors are bright orange and fuchsia, but I secretly renamed them, Tangerine and Strawberry Daiquiri just to pay homage to Shelby and her signature color of pink.

I got to spend an afternoon with some fantastic women- my sister in laws, cousins, friends and relatives.

This is reality. Bye Bye London, Hello Mason, Ohio.

The fantasy weddings are fun to watch, but I have matured and grown up. I'll attend the fairy tale wedding shower instead.

Here's to happy endings and marrying your Prince Charming, when you finally meet him.

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