Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curly Girls Have More Fun

Since this blog is a shitty substitute from my lack of scrapbooking, I have been posting photos of the kids to document their lives. I sure hope blogger improves their customer service since my missing post has not been recovered, over a week later. This blog is my kids legacy and memory book among other things.

Charlotte has always had the most beautiful hair.

Her curls have morphed into these long, shiny, ringlets of pure gorgeous locks.

I hesitate to even trim her hair in fear that curls may not come back. It is a known fact that curly girls have more fun.

Now that Charlotte is obsessed with fancy dresses, her appearance is always so girly. I have been scouring the after Easter clearance racks to score more frilly frocks. It does not matter where we are going, Charlotte wants to wear a twirly, layered, party dress. If I don't pay more than $5 for these dresses, I just let her choose one, regardless of where we are going. This explains why she goes to preschool looking like the belle of the ball.
Now, her best friend Pia is demanding to wear party dresses to school too. My little diva trend setter is so fashion aware at age THREE. Yeah, I am so screwed in the future.

Clearly, curly girls have more fun, and Charlotte is proud to be a curly girlie girl.

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