Monday, May 2, 2011

The Field Trip, BRAVO!

Charlotte has had an amazing, fun filled, action packed year at preschool. Today was the final field trip experience and it was BRAVO, literally.

Will's dad is Executive Chef, Mark Grant, at the Bravo Cucina restaurant at Lennox. He invited the class to come to his restaurant, take a tour, make pizza and smoothies, eat lunch and enjoy themselves. These three, four and five year olds did just that.

The kids were split into groups to help make things go smoother.

They decorated and labeled their own chef hats, made pasta necklaces, and wrote their names on the paper table toppers. They were loving every minute of it.

There were photo opportunities on top of photo opportunities. The kitchen tour included

seeing the walk-in freezer, prep kitchen, grill, and wood burning pizza oven. The parents were in awe as much as the kids.

The chefs pulled out all the stops to make this adventure spectacular. The kids crafted

their own pizzas at the counter-top in front of the big pizza oven. It was a sight to see. The cuteness factor was high, as was the aroma of garlic, cheese and pizza crust. Good stuff. Very Good Stuff.

The groups bellied up to the bar and made smoothies. You could not wipe the smiles off of the faces, they were having a blast.

This Mommie had coffee, and the world was a perfect place.

After all the pizzas were baked, the group returned to the banquet space, ate lunch
and made memories. The parents had a marvelous time too, which is a rare occurance on a preschool field trip.

I was thrilled to see so many of the real house husbands of Bexley in attendance. Nothing is sexier than a dad on a preschool outing. Of course there was pizza served, so perhaps you just have to have the right motivation.

This was one field trip that will be hard to top. I doubt there is an encore to BRAVO!

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Lori said...

Yum, Bravo! Now you have me wanting their mushroom soup and pasta. That was one of our favorite lunch places when I was still working.

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