Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Big Fat Jewish Wedding

Jeff and I had the pleasure of attending his cousin Linda's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend filled with family and friends. If you have never been to a traditional Jewish wedding, suffice it to say you can just substitute Jewish for Greek in the context or theme of the movie, My Big Fat Ethnic Wedding.

Same premise, different food.

Linda married the nicest guy, Peter. We love him. He is already part of our loud, crazy, neurotic clan. I feel a special connection to him because his mother is a Holocaust survivor from Austria, just like my own grandparents. You could see her happiness
as she watched the bride and groom, she was kvelling*** all weekend long.

It would not be a Jewish wedding without dancing. The party got started with the most traditional of all dances, Hava Negilah.

I felt obligated to upload this video because the sight and sound speak volumes.

The service was truly beautiful but the reception afterwards was the real party. Everyone was enjoying the sights and sounds within the room, and the tastes were exceptional.

All of this beauty was created to honor the couple on their day.

Linda's cousin is a pastry chef in Tucson and she personally created the cake, drove it cross country and assembled it at the reception.

The cake tasted as good as it looked, and I would know, I ate two pieces.

Lilly was not the only one kvelling***, Bob and Loris, Linda's parents were over the moon too. This is their only daughter, her first wedding at age 50 something, so clearly they waited a long time to celebrate. There is a Jewish custom called the Mezinke Tanz: Dance to honor parents who have married off their last child- this is what it looks like

at the Big Fat Jewish Wedding reception. Underneath all the streamers and crepe paper, Bob and Loris were kvelling*** too!

These magical and miraculous moments courtesy of J-date and The Ungar-Landesman families. Mazel Tov!

Yiddish word of the day:
The overwhelming joy and pride in a moment of sheer bliss.
The Ungar and Landesman families were kvelling during the wedding weekend.

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