Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writing From the Heart

Each of the kids is so different. They learn differently and process information in their own ways. I have been documenting this for their memory books by blogging and writing all the details, spoken in my own words, writing from the heart.

Eli is my most sensitive child. He is also by far, the most wordy and verbose. When it comes to speaking or writing thoughts from his feelings, Eli is all over it.

Here is a card I received this week. The front cover is written in kindergarten spelling, which means he sounds out the words he is trying to say, and then translates the sounds into letters then into words. At age five, he gives it his best shot. Even I had to ask for this card to be translated.Mommy, I think you will freak out. Do you like this picture?

The inside is a beautiful drawing. Again, I had no idea what it was or what it meant.Eli said it is; "three aliens in a flower garden." When I asked him why he chose those things for the inside of my card, he replied with, "I am good at drawing aliens and flowers, so I put them together to make a picture!" Fair enough I suppose.

Natalie says it like it is. This girl does not miss a beat. Here is the birthday card she gave to her father this week. She combined a heartfelt message with his favorite beverage. The front said, happy birthday to my daddy, the inside featured this:Like I said, the girl knows how to wrap her daddy around her little finger. She said the two magic words that Jeff adores, DIET COKE!

Apparently, I am not the only one with a passion for writing and words. I have passed the bug to Eli and Natalie.

Jeff has blessed CJ with a curiosity of science and building. CJ built an office for Jeff in the corner of the family room. CJ gathered a tape dispenser, paper clips, a few random empty boxes and stacks of brochures, magazines and papers to make a corner office. To an outsider looking in, it was a huge mess of crap, but to CJ it was a structure. This was his way of honoring Jeff's birthday. Like father like son.

I state these things right here on my blog, because, after all, I am writing from the heart.

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