Monday, April 18, 2011

The Seder

The annual Passover Seder came and went without much drama. This is a good thing. Everyone behaved themselves at Aunt Edye and Uncle Marc's, the food was stellar and the service was not too long or short, it was just right. It was the Goldilocks and the three bears version of Passover Prayers.

There were custom made Seder plates, goblets for the wine, and karpas or salt water trays. All of the items were created for the ocassion,

and I was sure to take photos of the artisan crafted pieces. I feared that they, like myself, might not survive the night. Now, they are preserved in digital format to keep them protected. I wish I could say the same about my patience.

Each of the triplets brought their school made hagaddah, or prayer book for the meal.

We followed the pages accordingly and honored each blessing with the obligatory cups of wine. On Passover the Jews are REQUIRED to drink four cups of wine at the Seder. As if you have to twist my arm for that? When you bring four triplets to someone else's home for a fancy meal, you must drink wine to keep from hyperventilating and worrying about spills, stains and broken glass. Four cups of wine makes this possible.

The standard Seder fare was served. No Passover meal is complete without roasted turkey,

brisket, matzo ball soup, charoset, deviled eggs, and macaroons. Anything else was just extra deliciousness.

After the traditional family meal, we played a rip roaring game of hide and go seek with the matzo. This is called the Affikommen, and CJ made the protective felt cover

for the unleavened bread. The kids took turns finding the affikommen. Mitchell and Jeff screwed around trying to do purple nurples.

Everyone won prizes- Papa doled out $2 bills, and I bought Powerball lotto tickets for the over age six crowd. With an estimated jackpot of over 50 million, this could be the biggest Affikommen pay-out in the history of the Jews. Not too much money, Not too little money, it is just right.

It appears as if I have survived another Seder. It is officially Passover now, and the kids are out of school until the 28th of April. OY VEY! Now that their spring break coincides with Passover, it is officially my least favorite Jewish holiday.

Happy Passover! Perhaps I will start a new trend of drinking four cups of wine every day while the kids are out of school. It may make me able to survive the aftermath of the Seder. After all, I am a Jewish and it is Passover.

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