Friday, April 15, 2011

The Secret is Out- GEE DUBYA

I said it yesterday, and I will say it again. No one loves a deal more than me. No one. Now, I am going to let you in on one of my little secrets. I shop at G.W. also known to me as GEE DUBYA, or as the sign says, Good Will.

I am serious.

Normally, I go there at this time of year to buy Argenida an Easter basket (they have great seasonal baskets for less than a dollar) and I stock up on various glass vases for cut flowers. You can pick up really great looking vases, probably at one time they were delivered with someone's floral arrangement. With my tulips and hyacinth in full bloom, I was motivated to go and grab some new (to me) $1 vases. At a dollar a piece, I can be generous and gift someone a real vase full of colorful flowers from my yard. Gee whiz, I love G.W.

Today, I stumbled into new and unfamiliar G.W. territory. There was a sign on the door that said, all children's clothing items, 6 for $1.99- or as I quickly calculated about 33 cents a piece. At that price, I figured, what the hell, I 'll take a peek. And peek I did.

I could not believe the designer merchandise they had in the kids section. Granted, the clothes are pre-owned, but in the grand scheme of things, so long as they are in excellent condition, and can be washed or dry cleaned before my children enjoy them, who am I am to walk away from these deals?

Two Lacoste polo shirts for the boys,
a bright royal blue Columbia rain slicker, various pairs of khaki pants and shorts for all the monkeys,

and a pair of Paper-Denim & Cloth jeans for Natalie top the list. My haul also included these brand new size 12 Stride Rite shoes that were still in the box unworn,
and this handsome navy blue boys' sport coat from Nordstrom. All of these scores were in great condition and no one would suspect they were purchased at my local G.W. boutique. Not that I care anyway.

At this price, my four triplets will wear these clothes, and when they have out done them justice, I will put them in the CMOTC twins sale or donate them back to G.W and say, thanks for the memories. I would speculate that my 33 cents an item investment will not fail me.

Last month, Michele and I hit Savers in Las Vegas and the secret was out via our blogs. Now when you see my boys sporting Lacoste polos and J. Crew khaki pants you will be able to appreciate my savvy shopping skills at G.W.

From vases to designer duds- my secret is out- GEE DUBYA it is!


Carrie H said...

I had my first Goodwill experience, and like you, I couldn't believe the designer stuff I found for my kiddos. I'm so picky anyway....and I found loads of stuff for them. Although, when you shop at Goodwill in Powell..what would you expect, right?

Helene said...

WAIT...there is a GW in Powell? OMG- I will be up there in a week for a doctor's appointment- I will have to check that out.

Love you Carrie!

Ephraim said...

ha-i went to a goodwill in new rochelle, and guess what?!? found 1 skirt...nothing name brand that didn't have SAMPLE written all over it! I was so disappointed

but I've recently caught wind of a "goodwill" like place in a church that supposedly is all name brands! :) can't wait to check it out!

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