Saturday, April 23, 2011

Run Like The Wind

Just when I posted about the gloom and doom of rainy weather, the clouds parted and the sun came out for about thirty minutes. Yesterday, I mis-quoted Pharaoh and Moses so today, I am talking about the parting of the clouds during Passover. Ironic with the parting of the red sea, dontcha think?

I tuned out during Sunday School. I filed my nails and gossiped with my friends. Super Jew I am not.

However, I did have four kids and a brief window to let them soak up some sunshine and burn off the stored up energy from being indoors. I immediately packed them all up and moved them on over to the Franklin Park Conservatory.

It was time to let them run like the wind. And they did just that. I suggested they run some laps around the circle using the brick path as a track.

Nothing motivates multiples like a challenge and a little competition.

My sole goal was to exhaust these kids during Passover-Spring Break. I was seeking ways to let them have fun, get some exercise and breathe the spring air. I needed a break too, so getting them all into the great outdoors was a solution to my problem.

I suggested we run over to the other side of the park where there is a tall, grassy hill. All I had to do was mention conducting races. This was my opportunity to get them good and tired.

Up and down the hill, each time with a different twist on the contest. Up and down that hill, baby!

I can now add Physical Education Instructor to my Mommie resume.

As the kids ran to the next adventure, I took my time enjoying the peaceful park atmosphere. We managed to spend time

climbing the rocks that surround the bridge. The kids built an imaginary fort underneath and they formed some exclusive club. I sat within ear shot and enjoyed the creative play. This is a great age- I can just take them to the park and they will entertain themselves.

Of course we took time to smell the flowers
on the way back to the parking lot. All four triplets were dragging ass back to the van. Mission accomplished.

Run like the wind- is music to my ears!

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