Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Photo Umbrella

All of this rainy weather is typical of Spring in Ohio. The grey, gloomy days out number the sunny ones, and the only light at the end of the tunnel is the green grass, and enormous puddles for jumping. My children appreciate both, me.... not so much, until recently.

I created a little rainy day, on-line project that has changed my attitude about rainy days. This photo umbrella is the cure to the blah blah days with wet skies.

I have been looking forward to the down pours so I can showcase this new accessory.

I made this with the images from the groupon photo shoot with Laura Young from 2Q Studios. With the photos of my family on the fabric of the umbrella, I can now look at the smiling faces I love, while protecting myself from the elements. Stylish and Practical- the ideal kind of accessory. Win-Win!

If you need a personalized gift for mother's day, a birthday, or a new daddy/mommie/grandparent, this is your chance to WOW! You can use one photograph over and over, or if you have your own classroom of kids, you can give everyone a panel. I made this on the website ARTSCOW, and when you like them on facebook, they offer daily deals on various products. Two weeks ago these fancy photo umbrellas were special of the day. SCORE!

The pricing on Artscow includes shipping from Hong Kong, so what you see is what you get without the shock of high priced shipping charges at the end of the transaction. Also, they provide international shipping at no extra charge, so sending a precious photo gift overseas won't cost and arm and a leg. The items are shipped from Hong Kong, but still arrive quickly. You can't beat the price for such a cute product.

I have to say, this might just be the only bright shining moment in an otherwise rainy week. I'm singing in the rain, as I smile back at the faces on my umbrella.

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