Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passover Pork on Sale

Every once in a while my warped sense of humor is lost in translation. But hey, I am a sick individual. That is what you love about me, right?

I got a chuckle today as I brought in the flyers, circulars and junk mail. As I tossed almost everything directly into the garage trash cans, I paused for a brief moment as the Kroger advertisement caught my eyes, for all the wrong reasons.

Here is the way the folded circular ad looked as it was stacked in the mail.The kosher for Passover one sheet was stacked inside the basic Kroger specials. On the surface it appeared that you could find a holiday meat sale that was kosher for Passover. Except for the fact that the holiday meat sale included shank portion ham, spiral sliced ham, boneless pork chops, English roast, and Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. As if that is what is on tap for the Seder?

Once I examined the insert more closely, it became clear that the Passover advertisement was in fact, kosher. The manner in which it was placed was purely a clerical error. It was just a bad way to fold the piece- live and learn, I suppose.

I realize that the Easter meal is right around the corner, and I am fairly certain the holiday meat sale applies to Easter. Good timing, bad product placement.

I did however, laugh which is something I rarely do when I get bills, ads and crap in the US Mail. It takes Passover Pork on Sale to get me giggling.

Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, Happy Holidays everyone!

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