Friday, April 22, 2011

Passover Patience

It has been raining non stop for a week. The forecast is for more rain. While the grass is literally greener, our Pesach-Spring Break is soggy at best. Passover with all kids home and bugging me is a true test of my patience.

When Pharoah said, "Let my people go" I don't think he meant, let my kids out of school. Even the Pharoah would not do that to me.

I have been working triple over time to find indoor activities on the cheap. We have visited various branches of the metro libraries every day. The downtown library entertained the kids while Argenida was at class. Here are my pirates,yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Oh how I wish.

The computer games are still scoring high marks from my brood. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have three computer stations available at one time. It is glorious. In a perfect world, our playroom would be set up to these specifications.

As we meandered around the main library, Eli saw a huge 3D wooden dinosaur just like the puzzle from Nana and Papa.
He gazed up at it and said, "Papa would freak out if we had that puzzle at home!" Indeed, indeed.

I am running out of activities to do. My sanity depends on keeping the kids busy, stimulated, engaged and out of my hair. This Passover spring break thing is a true test of my parenting patience.

Let my Sanity Go. It is gone!


Anonymous said...

Moses said "Let my people go" not Pharoh. Don't you remember the lessons of Sunday School when you were growing up?


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Oh yes. Moses. I am super Jew...not

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