Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Passover is OVER!

It is officially over. I survived another Passover. We are already gluten free, so adding more dietary restrictions is not fun. In fact, it is awful. In the spirit of enough is enough, we actually called it quits a day early.

Super Jew I am not.

Like all Jewish American families, we broke Passover by going out for pizza. I took the triplets to Z Pizza for lunch while Argenida and Charlotte were at school. They entertained themselves with the dominoes and games until our meal was ready.

If they behaved this nicely everyday I would totally home-school them. Sadly, this is a rare occasion when the moon and stars align, pigs fly, and sunshine, rainbows & leprechauns shoot out of my ass. I documented this day by taking photos of them co-existing in public

without drama, fighting, arguing and chaos. It was a Passover miracle.

CJ and Eli spent a good thirty minutes setting up and knocking down the dominoes.

This is a great activity to do in the living room of the Short North Z Pizza. In addition to gluten free pizza, this restaurant offers something stimulating and engaging for the kids- besides annoying and expensive video games. I do like going there for both of these options.

This bonding with them over their Spring Break is foreshadowing for summer, and I am actually considering getting a full time job. We need the money and letting them go to day camp would be fun for them. After this two week 24/7 love fest with my kids, I am thinking it would be a win win for all of us.

Passover and Spring Break have come to a glorious end. The customary pizza has been consumed and we are headed back to school. AMEN! Passover is officially OVER!

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