Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Preschool Picasso Strikes Again

At the tender and sweet age of two, Charlotte was wowing us with her amazing drawings of penguins. Her pre-preschool artwork was impressive. Now, at age three, she has really blossomed into a preschool Picasso.

Perhaps the triplets have had an influence on her ability to learn beyond her normal age. Charlotte considers herself the fourth triplet, or the extra triplet, so her learning is on par with the kindergarten set. Let this post document Charlotte's penmanship prowess at age THREE!

Here is a sample of the pages she created during free art time at school. You will see the booklet she created- she asked her teacher to staple it together for her. Titled, D is for Daddy, this book contains the sheets she made for us. Here is the very detailed drawing of the Daddy.The attention to detail on the glasses is amazing. There is also a page with a self portrait of the artist alongside her parents, please notice her curly pony tail
with the purple bow detail. The subjects are identified by their names, which she wrote herself. There is a portrait of the two Jack Russells which are also titled, Penny and Lenny- aptly colored to reflect their appearance. And because no three year old girl's book would be complete without a rainbow, here is Charlotte's version. All these are neatly stapled together for safe keeping.

Thankfully, there is the blog for the ultimate safekeeping and storage of the precious preschool Picasso piece. See Charlotte, you were ahead of your time even when you were three years old. Our little preschool Picasso is back in business!

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