Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Softie

Jeff loves to bitch and moan about the two Jack Russells. Not a day goes by that he does not "remind" me that these are MY dogs. As much as he complains about the canines, I know he really enjoys having pets.

Before I arrived on the scene, Jeff had never owned a dog. He inherited two cats from his ex-wife, but he was never really that fond of the felines. Fast forward to me bringing two Jack Russells into the marriage to join Jeff, Mitchell and Amanda. We were a blended family and it was a package deal on both sides.

The kids were thrilled to get two dogs, Jeff...not so much. He would be fine with having just kids. Some days, I think he would be fine to farm out the kids too.

When Abbey Road and the Beetle became a blessed memory, I knew we would find room in our hearts for more dogs. I knew I could talk Jeff into it because as much as he claims not to like the dogs, I know he enjoys them, sometimes. Maybe?

Look at what I found in my bed this week. For a guy that claims to "NOT WANT DOGS" he looks pretty content snuggling next to one.

With his 55th birthday this week, I can now officially call Jeff, OLD SOFTIE. It looks like I have made a dog lover out of him after all.


Michele S said...

OMG, Helene. I think I just choked on my own spit. He may of thought he was snuggling up to your enormous rack in his dream.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Pennylane makes up for the ginormous rack with quantity. She's relatively flat but has six tits. Sadly for Jeff our breath is the same.

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