Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Lesson in Keeping Kosher, by Natalie

Just like her brother, Rabbi Eli, our Natalie is a curious child too. The difference is that Natalie is only interested in topics that she can relate to, in other words, if she ain't interested, and it does not impact her lifestyle, she could care less.

I have no idea where she gets that from? Quit laughing Dad. I know, I know.

Natalie aspires to be a professional chef. She loves everything associated with cooking and creating recipes. For a five year old girl, she has a fierce command of the kitchen and likes to control all aspects of the process. Natalie is the Top Chef and her brothers have been assigned as her assistants, or sous chefs.

When the lessons in keeping kosher have been discussed in kindergarten, Natalie has paid attention. Perhaps she feels compelled to learn more about what it takes to prepare kosher foods. Natalie can point out the various hectures and knows what they mean. When determining if something is kosher, this girl recognizes the symbols on labels. Again, she knows the rules because it is of value, TO HER!

Today, at Menchies frozen yogurt, Natalie pointed out the various flavors and toppings that were in fact, kosher. Perhaps this is because she ate at Menchies a week ago with Aaryn, but I found it interesting that she was willing to share the information with all the patrons. As Natalie read the names of the flavors, she added a comment on whether or not it was kosher. As if the other guests could have given a rats' ass.

We do not keep kosher at all. We have friends that do, and we respect that. Our Aaryn was just here, and she is kosher, so it is not a foreign concept to follow dietary guidelines as it relates to the laws of kashrut. Tonight, after our Asian meal from Pei Wei, Natalie had an announcement to make.

Holding up her fortune cookie, she shouted, "Look, Look, this fortune cookie is kosher because it has a split hoof!" Jeff and I were dying. We have not laughed that hard in at least 24 hours since Eli asked if he would have to be re-circumcised at his Bar Mitzvah. I immediately went to get my digital camera to capture her wisdom on the topic of kosher foods.

While animals are required to have a split hoof, or hoofs as Natalie stated, I do not think fortune cookies fall into that category. From frozen yogurt to fortune cookies, it is all right there in the zone of interest, to her.

Let this be your official lesson in kosher, from Natalie, age 5.

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