Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Lesson in Age

Age is just a number, right? You are only as young as you feel. Tell that to my grandmother, she is a hundred years old. Or perhaps you should talk to my husband whose age is the speed limit on the highway. My kids have been told that Mommie is 26, and so far, they believe it.

We have been talking about birthdays, ages and numbers lately. The kids are genuinely interested in the topic. They are processing information and extrapolating data more than ever before.

Here is a lesson in age from my children.

Eli wanted to know if Papa was way, way, way, older than Nana. I explained that actually Nana is a few months older than Papa. While he seemed mildly confused at the thought of that, it is true. Eli was thrown off because Papa has white hair, and white hair means you are old. How could Nana be older than Papa if her hair is brown? Point taken Eli, Point taken. This lesson in aging is brought to you by Steve at Salon Mission- and a bottle of number 34 light brown.

Natalie drew a picture at school this week. The worksheet is a fill in the blank sentence, When I am one hundred years old, I think I will look like this: I hope that I will be: HPEE. (Happy in kindergarten lingo) Please notice the BROWN hair. When I asked Natalie about her dark locks at age 100, she beamed with a huge smile. She said, "I will have to put coloring on my hair like Nana does, so that I will look younger than my husband!" Point taken, Natalie. Point taken.

Please notice that my hair is in fact dark brown, and I am 26.My husband who is 55 years old has grey hair. It all makes perfect sense. If you a five and in kindergarten.

As for Grandma who is legitimately one hundred years old, her hair is beautiful dark silver grey. I mentioned this to Natalie and she did not skip a beat. Natalie said, "Well, her hair is still darker than Papa's so it is okay, because she is HPEE."

This lesson in age brought to you by the five year old geniuses that live in my house. I have to go to CVS now, they have Clairol Natural Instincts on sale and I have a coupon. I want to look 26 and Happy.

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Anonymous said...

imagine my surprise today while reading the Cincinnati Business journal, when I saw a picture and thought to myslef..umm....I know that guy, umm..who is it?
read caption: Rick Slutsky
Must be the brother you come to Cinci to see.

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