Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Imitation can be flattering

Last year, Scott McKain wrote a blog post titled, When imitation isn't flattery, it's theft. I was reminded of this today as our good friend, Larry Winget is fighting his own intellectual property battles.

CJ must have overheard me discussing this because he listens and retains everything. A few moments later, CJ brought me an "original" CJ Slutsky piece of artwork. He was beaming with pride, and shouted, "Look Mommie, I copied Larry Winget too!" And he most certainly did.

In this case, CJ simply mimicked a painting that Larry made for us as a wedding gift. CJ's version is his take on the same style and idea, but made from his own hands and thoughts.

CJ was truly inspired by the works of Larry. He did not word for word reprint a chapter of one of Larry's best sellers. Doing that is theft, among other things.

So, as our friend has been wronged and is mad as a hornet's nest, I can sympathize. I understand that when imitation isn't flattery, it's theft- Scott McKain said it first, and I am one to give credit where credit is rightfully due.

Here's to being inspired by someone, creating something original and giving credit where credit is due. No one can ever accuse me of plagiarizing on this blog- who in their right mind would make this shit up?

CJ Slutsky and his masterpiece prove that imitation can be flattering when properly done.

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