Thursday, April 21, 2011

If you need to flush $6400 down the crapper...

As much as I adore a bargain, I am also a huge fan of luxury goods. Nothing pleases me more than innovation. Usually, a new and improved version of a item means spending a bit more to get the latest and greatest technology. This is true of computers, televisions and now, toilets.

The Kohler company has introduced the new NUMI toilet. Here is the information and specifics on this amazing product designed to make your current crapper seem old and dated. The company describes its latest throne as "the ultimate flushing experience."

On that note, you can be greeted by the NUMI with the sound of rushing water and soothing piano music. Too dark in the bathroom? Also not a problem. A night light in the bidet guides your tush to the heated seat and G-d forbid, if your feet are cold, a floor-level vent blows warm air to keep your toes toasty. If you unexpectedly have to take a bit longer than expected, and if you forget the sports page or Wall Street Journal, fear not: you can plug in your iPod or turn on the built-in FM radio. So that you are not atop a stinky commode, a charcoal-filter deodorizer will keep the air spring time fresh, and the bidet offers an awesome array of options for temperature, water pressure and even spray pattern. Ain't life grand?

Depending on how long you've been enjoying yourself in the comfort of your bathroom, the Numi will flush with a 0.6-gallon or 1.28-gallon flow. Between jobs it bombards bacteria with a 45-minute dose of germ-killing ultraviolet light. The tidy bowl man is rolling over in his grave.

Here is the promo for this amazing piece of technology.

The Numi costs $6,390 plus installation. At that price, you would have to have a shitload of money to flush. Literally.

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