Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am so screwed!

Gone are my days of saying things like, "Oh gosh, look, there is a sign on the door that says they are closed" or "WOW, can you believe that, the ice cream store ran out of ice cream." While most parents would be thrilled to death that their five year old(s) were reading, I am not all that excited.

I am so screwed.

For years my kids have recognized signage. We went to Bob Evans restaurant one time when they were two years old, and ever since then, when they see the logo sign for Bob Evans, they can spot it. Starbucks, Wendy's, and of course, Old Mc Donalds are the same thing. Those types of recognition are memorization not reading.

This is reading- pulling a book off the shelf at the library, thumbing through it,
sitting down in a chair and moving the index finger underneath all the words while sounding them out and saying them out loud.

This is reading.

I am somewhat sad to know that my days of embellishing signs, fooling my kids and pretending places are closed when they are really open are a thing of the past. My fly by the seats parenting manual says, when your children can read, you are soooo screwed!


Mr. Stauffer said...

I'm with you. Our days of deception are so over. I had to get my phone fixed and Ryan told me that Verizon is next door to JCPenny like the coin. We are both screwed!

Mr. Stauffer said...

Signed on under my husband again. It's Melanie.

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