Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grandparenting Goodness Gone Bad

With Nana and Papa here for a few days the kids are on stimulation overload. In addition to Spring Break from kindergarten, there is Passover, Grandparents, and too much unstructured time at home.

Nana kept the kids busy doing all kinds of crafting projects, stickering and games.

Some of the treasure box goodies were word puzzles, seek and finds and artsy crap. It was grandparenting goodness.

There were special days. Each child go to have one on one time with Nana and Papa during the visit. Eli chose to go out for breakfast

at Bob Evans and then kite flying with Papa. The kite flying was pure Grandfather, Grandson goodness.

(these precious moments were captured for the blog because Eli invited me to go on his special day, so long as it was just me, and no other kids.)

CJ went to the Cherbourg bakery and to Daddy's office. Natalie and Charlotte decided to combine their special day, and enjoyed breakfast at First Watch followed by a trip to Trader Joe's. This is where all the grandparenting goodness ends.

Sort of?

Nana and Papa brought some dinosaur puzzles to work with the grandkids. In theory this was a great idea. In reality

it was a true torture test of wits and patience, mostly Papa's. The wooden, 3D puzzles said for ages 6 and up, but they should have said, do these only if you are medicated and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE THESE PUZZLES WITH HIGH ORDER MULTIPLES. I would suggest a label that warns consumers of the hazards affiliated with trying to assemble these puzzles in the presence of children. PERIOD.

After a few hours

of trial and error, Papa was able to create the dinosaurs. They became "look only with your eyes" kind of sculptures. We discussed playing dinosaur museum where we create exhibits using these completed fossils, but dare we not actually play with them.

The kids had a total blast with the grandparents here at home. They loved it. I am sure Nana and Papa will go home with plenty of stories to tell. Papa can show people all the new white hairs he got in Columbus. Nana of course, won't be able to do that.

For the blog, all the grandparenting goodness has been noted. Forget girls gone wild. The newest trend in entertainment is Grandparenting Goodness Gone BAD.

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