Monday, April 4, 2011

Further PROOF of my love for Giant Eagle

I have blogged and blogged about my love affair with my grocery store, Giant Eagle. I am sure you are sick of hearing how much I enjoy shopping there. You might be tired of my praise for Giant Eagle, but this is my blog and I can shout out when I feel it is warranted.

This is one of those times.

I know my fellow triplet mom Lori can feel me- she just moved to South Carolina, and there is not a single store in her area that compares. Aside from being a fabulous grocery store, Giant Eagle doubles coupons, and watches the kids while I shop.

Giant Eagle also has samples of all kinds of tasty treats. You never know what you might nibble as you cruise through the aisles BY YOURSELF. While the children are doing crafts and making a huge mess with glitter and glue, you can lolly gag throughout the store sampling. As further PROOF of my affection for Giant Eagle, look at what they were sampling onPhotobucketon Saturday. As if the Proof of Kahlua and coffee is not enough to win you over? They babysit my four kids while I shop and drink Kahlua and coffee.

It is all the proof I need.

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Lori said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!! It has just dawned on me that 8 weeks from now my kids will be done with preschool and I might be forced to take them grocery shopping without the Eagle's Nest. NO, NO, NO! Maybe I need to buy a few of those Kahlua bottles to get me through the summer!

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