Monday, April 25, 2011

Five Years Ago Today

There are certain things I look forward to every year. Passover-Spring Break is not one of them, but seeing my purple tulips bloom is always a highlight of April. I planted these when we moved in, and every spring I wait patiently for them to greet me.

Five years ago today, I took pride in my photography skills. I captured my beautiful babies posed with my purple tulips.

These images were taken to document the triplets size compared to the tree and tulips. I knew that as the years went by, I could capture this moment in time and watch how the tulips stayed the same, but the kids sprouted up like the weeds surrounding my flower beds.

What a huge difference five years makes. Here are the same babies,

the same plants and a whole new attitude, tattoos and all.

The photos still showcase the beauty of it all. Here's to another five years of growing with the weeds.

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