Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cost Cutting, Grass Cutting Measures

Since the last post was about saving money and cutting costs, it should be documented that Daddy is now in charge of cutting the grass at home. He fired the lawn service and is now taking the matter into his own hands. Literally.

This is blog worthy because we are Jewish and this is unheard of- it is shocking that a Jewish husband is mowing his own lawn. Someone call the Guinness Book of Worlds Records.

It should also help that anonymous asshole commenter realize that we are taking our financial obligations to heart. Yes, we bought a groupon for family photos of our kids wearing matching outfits from Goodwill, and Yes, our son needed a scholarship to attend an overpriced school field trip. We cut our own grass, so we reap what we sow, or reap what we mow.

To make all of this happen we had to purchase a mower. So we stopped at Giant Eagle, bought some Home Depot gift cards, and used them to purchase a new Toro mower and earn fuel perks towards more $4 a gallon gasoline. Jeff researched the mower models and selected a shiny red mower with very few bells and whistles.Consumer Reports and several on line forums rated the Toro with highest marks.

We chose the bare bones version, front wheel drive, gas powered, with a 21" radius. It was the least fancy mower on display but I am sure it will get the job done. The landscape company was charging us $50 a cut, so Jeff figured if he cut our lawn himself, he would break even in less than 7 weeks.

With all the rain we have had, the dandelions are growing faster than the grass. This means that in order to have that neighborhood friendly, Home Owner Association worthy, green carpet like lawn, you have to mow twice a week, just to keep the heads off the dandelions. Jeff might just break even in less than a month!

Our plush lawn looks really great.
Unless I told the neighbors, or unless they actually saw him mowing, no one could tell it was not cut professionally. Jeff is in cost cutting, grass cutting mode over here.

I never, in a million years thought I would be married to a nice Jewish boy, that cut our lawn. Oy, Serenity Now.

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asrubin10 said...

a nice jewish woman can mow the grass too, just ask my mom :)

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