Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Computer Drama

With four kids virtually all same age, the only way they can all be on the computer at the same time is to have four computers. Yeah right. Let me get right on that.

Welcome to my latest drama.

Fights over toys are nothing compared to the drama over screen time. We have several learning and reading readiness sites to visit, on line worksheets and plenty of educational computer games here at home. G-d forbid one child gets thirty seconds more time, or worse yet if someone makes it to a higher level, there is mass hysteria. It is no fair. Oh my holy hell.

The solution to the computer craziness is simple. We do not allow kids to use the computers at home anymore. Period. No more.

Welcome to the library. These computers are loaded with educational kid games,

learning workshops and the best part....there is more than four terminals to be enjoyed at once. Oh, and they have headphones too. My kids can now all choose their favorite game, play, replay and learn simultaneously. This is a solution that works for me.

First, we stop at Starbucks for my liquid nourishment. We then lolly gag down the brick sidewalk to the library. All the kids get plugged in, and I sit back and sip my latte while trouble shooting all the I.T. issues. I have a new job description to add to my resume of tasks- director of Internet Technology and Computer Technician. When the kids select a game that is new to them, they need me to show them how to play. This is nothing compared to the referree job I had home, micromanaging three kids while one was trying to play on the computer.

Since we won't be adding four new computers to the current configuration at home, it looks like our librarian will see more of us than usual. I am sure she sees us coming through the doors, takes a deep breath and thanks the lord above for those headphones. I know I would if I were her.

Here is another shout out to my local library. The answer to my computer drama prayers have been answered. Amen.

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