Monday, March 28, 2011

Weighing In

I was thinking about weights today. When CJ got out of the shower tonight he had a real tush on him. A round, delicious, hamburger bun shaped tush and I almost started crying when I saw it. This micro preemie was so scrawny at birth that I feared he would never get a real hiney on him.

From Peanut to Pisher I tell you.

I could not recall CJ's lowest weight from the NICU days. I have no memory of that, probably for a reason. After finding a Polaroid photo of him, I turned it over and the nurse had written 678 grams on the back. He was about 9 days old and weighed (according to the conversion chart) One pound, eight ounces.

Perhaps I was reflecting on weights because Jeff is on weight watchers and is measuring his food for portion control. We have a digital kitchen scale and when I saw it computing the food in grams I had flashbacks.

Perhaps this will put it in perspective:
CJ weighed as much as 6 sticks of butter. OMG, I had not realized he was that tiny. I only remember telling the nurses that I did not want any photos of him taken because he looked to helpless and frail. I specifically stated that I did not want to remember him that way.

One of my nurses took the Polaroid with the staff camera after CJ had a blood transfusion- she wanted me to see how much bigger and better he looked afterward. 678 grams. Can you imagine what he would have weighed before they gave him more blood? Oy vay. I am just now freaking out.

Of course, I had to obsess a little tonight I had my own warped sense of fun weighing ordinary things on that blasted gram scale.CJ did not weigh more than three apples. Now, he is a strapping 35 pounds at age five and half. He is my peanut. Always will be my tiny peanut.

And as for those hamburger buns of his.....they are gluten free and I can't resist pinching them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Helene,
First I want to say that I love your blog. You always find a way to make me laugh. (and it doesn't hurt that your kids are adorable)

Secondly I was reading a blog the other day and noticed a picture of who I think is CJ. I don't want to get the other blogger "in trouble" but as a parent I wouldn't want pictures of my children on others websites without my permission. So I wanted to show the picture.

The picture is posted on this blog on the date 6/30/10 "The Super Strategy"

I looked for a way to email this information to you, but I couldn't find it so please feel free to delete this post after you read it. (and if the picture isn't yours, the I'm so sorry!)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Yes, that's my boy. Vodka mom got the image from my blog, and I was cool with it.

Cest la vie.

Besides, if anyone else dares to whore out my kids and you find out, please let me know


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