Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday at Starbucks with Charlotte

Here is a follow up post to Mondays with Moshe. Today, I got the pleasure of parenting Charlotte for three hours, all alone-- just us. Natalie was at a birthday party, the boys were with Jeff and it was lovely.

Welcome to my Sunday at Starbucks with Charlotte.

Since it was Charlotte's special day, she got to pick the plans. This three year old does not skip a beat, and she knew starting our Sunday morning at Starbucks would be fun. I allowed Charlotte to order us a drink. Instead of asking me about the choices, pointing to this or that, or ordering a milk or juice box, she told the barrista, a big, big, big. big, big Dolce Cinnamon Latte. For real. Then, she scooched over the pick up area and stood there waiting. Monkey see, Monkey Do?

I called Charlotte back to the register, and asked her if she wanted a treat from the case. Keep in mind I never, ever get snacks at Starbucks, but this time, it was special. Contrary to all my healthy food choices at home, I do allow the kids to eat crap once in a while. In moderation. When it is affordable.

I knew before I asked her to make a pastry selection, she would choose the mini pink donut. Charlotte surveyed the baked goods, pointed to the little donut and said, I will have the Barbie Donut with Diamond Sprinkles please.

And she did just that! That's my girl!

We sat, she played, she did the wooden puzzles, I read the paper and clipped coupons. We shared the venti latte and she posed for the obligatory photos. In fact, she even suggested I make a movie of her on her Mommie Only day.

How could I resist that? Someday we will reflect back on her passion for fancy coffee drinks at age three. Like Mother like Daughter!

Ahhhhhh, Sundays at Starbucks with Charlotte. It does not get any better than this!

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