Monday, March 14, 2011

Senior Photos

When I was a high school senior, we basically showed up at the designated, school selected photography studio, had a few photos taken, and that was it. No one went to there own glamour studio, no one paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no one cared. Back in my day we got a few enlargements for the parents and grandparents and the rest of the images were done as wallets to trade with friends or enclose in the graduation announcements.

You can kiss those days buh-buh-bye. It is a whole new ball game when it comes to senior portraits now. It is common practice to have several outfit changes, some studio shots, some outdoor images, some in the varsity sport uniform and a ton with serious back lighting and photo shop tweaking. Gone are the days of wearing a drape, or a twin set with pearls.

Here in Columbus the average cost of the whole senior photo thing is in the $500 range and up. Way up. I spoke with a local photographer who told me his bread and butter business is high school seniors. Apparently, it is the last chance some parents get to have photos taken of their child, until they get married so some feel the need to spare no expense, and they don't.

I do not have the luxury of forking over more than necessary for Mitchell to have his Senior High School year documented for all time. We make it a point to do family photos all the time so I am not paralyzed with fear of the future. I know I will get images of him between now and the time he snags a wife. I guess I am not willing to go broke so we can have a photo album dedicated to Mitchell's last year of high school.

Instead of shelling out an arm and a leg, I bought a local groupon for a studio/outdoor 2 hour session with ten images on disc, and the ability to print my own at Costco. For my $59 investment ($20 of which was paid with my banked referral credits) I got more than my fair share of dynamic digital photos of our stud. Laura at 2Q Studios was awesome. She captured Mitchell the way he really looks in person.

It is exactly how I wanted the photos to be--- realistic and full of his personality.

Sure, I could have spent a bloody fortune, but I doubt I could be any more pleased than I am. Laura and Mitchell rocked the session and now I have these photos to print, collage, and make into enlargements and wallets. It does not get any better as a parent. Glory Days!

For a few fleeting seconds, I felt a little guilty that I was not able to give Mitchell carte blanche on his senior photos. It would be nice not to worry about such expenses. Welcome to my world. Mommie guilt over the little things.

Thinking outside the box, using a groupon, and hiring a rock star like Laura have proven to be the key to the senior photo success. It did not hurt that Mitchell is good looking either.

Let the blog be the proof of this memorable time in his high school career. See Mitchell, you got your due props!


asrubin10 said...

we love our pictures from both Adam and Laura! E/o asks where we got them taken :) Wish they could come to NY.....

Jenn Murray said...

So good!!! No leather jacket or feather boa. :)

Carrie said...

So....that's brilliant of you! I so hope in 10 years-when my twins are seniors-I'll be able to groupon my way to their senior pictures. Now you can wait for a good shutterfly (or something similar) photo deal and order away!

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