Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out Takes, Take One

I usually only post the creme de la creme of photos. My not so secret process involves taking hundreds of digital images to get one decent photo. With triplets plus one there is little you can do to ensure a professional shoot is going to go smoothly.

Laura from 2Q Studios was put to the test. My kids were seriously out of control on the day of the appointment. They were high on life or kiddie crack because it was pure insanity in the studio. Somehow, by the grace of G-d, Laura was able to knock my socks off with her style and professionalism.

In the process of getting the GOLD, we had many do overs and out takes.

I wanted to show you that this is what it takes to get the good stuff. These are the images that truly show you life with four kids born within 19 months. We take triplets plus one and add two older kids and a goofball husband to round out the chaos and increase the swearing.

I will treasure these images too, but for now, not so much. In the future, I will find these hilarious.

Ahhhhh, the fun filled times of photographing my entire fam damily. I will share the amazing final and finished photo winners tomorrow so you can see the good, the bad and the not so ugly. After seeing these you know the really phenomenal ones are yet to come!

Out takes- Take One and DONE


The Wright Trips said...

Those are awesome! The one of "The Husband" at the end has me dying! I love his look!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

That's his come hither look, ha ha ha.

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