Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh HAIL, yes!

Welcome to spring time in Central Ohio. The weather is an unpredictable as my mood. One day sweet, sunny and warm, the next day, cold and sour. Every day is an adventure of science and nature, not always in a good way.

We got pounded with a heinous hail storm. Argenida and the kids had never witnessed this type of weird weather. Once the pellets of hail started falling, they picked up speed and size, and by the time I got my camera, we were in the full wing of the storm.

The kids love any kind of wildness. Hail is wild.

The kids were howling and carrying on along with the hail storm. It was difficult to determine which was louder at one point.

When it stopped falling from the sky the deck and yard looked as if it had snowed.

We got a fair amount of marble sized hail. It was not scary until I thought of the damage. My van was in the garage, check. My gas grill was covered, check. My newly popped plants, not so lucky. As for the roof, we will have to wait to see if it was affected by the hail. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

Spring is here. Oh Hail yes.

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bonesysblahg said...

We also got lucky in the freak hailstorm. I did get this call from my daughter, though:

Her: HEY!
Me: OMG, why are you so loud?!
Me: ...?<---- Puzzled Face
Me: ...? <---- again
No! Find a car wash or a gas station or something. WTF?!

Yeah, she's 19. You'd think she'd KNOW some of this stuff by now!

Also... Hi, from another Ohio blogger who stumbled across your site today!

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