Monday, March 21, 2011

Makiwara Board or Makiwara Bored?

My husband has built a makiwara post in our backyard. Since you read my blog to learn things, let me give you a quick lesson in Japanese and Karate. The Makiwara board is a training station

where fighters learn to toughen up their strikes by whacking the shit out of a plywood post.

Sounds like fun, right? If you are not bored yet, keep reading and you might just learn the answer to some random Jeopardy question, or perhaps you will be able to participate in a conversation with your sushi chef.

Speaking of sushi....Maki means roll. Wara means wrap- so the literal meaning of this structure is wrapped roll. Here is a link to an internet site that can give you even more facts about the latest addition to my backyard landscape. In case you are, in fact, that bored.

This was my view from the kitchen bay windows eariler today.

I documented the construction of the makiwara for Jeff, but secretly I knew I could mock him on the blog, so I was selfish in my photography. You will notice the kids stealing his tools
while he was engrossed in the building. Be sure to pay close attention to CJ who managed to sneak away with a hammer and nails
while Jeff was supposedly supervising the children and bonding with them over this project. It was a good thing I was there with my digital camera to provide additional eyes and ears. I feared we would be plus one makiwara and minus some fingers.

After the construction was complete, Jeff was searching the garage for some padding. He finally settled on this make shift system
using a ski glove to bring some cushioning to his work out. Welcome to the makiwara improv. I doubt this is how it is done in Japan, or anywhere else for that matter. I thought an ace bandage over some stay free maxi pads would have been a better choice. The pads have adhesive and are cushiony. Besides, if he used my system, he would have a first aid kit built in- the pad could absorb all the blood, and the ace bandage could keep the pressure on the wound until the ER could stitch him back up. I might be on to something here. First, I invented Man-Spanx, now this.

I am the makiwara warrior!

All this talk of Japanese and Maki has me hungry. Perhaps I will let Jeff go out tonight and work up an appetite on his makiwara board. If I do not die of boredom, we will go out for sushi when the bleeding stops.

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The Husband said...

Honey, your facts are just a a litle off. 1) "Traditionally, a pad of rice straw (巻 maki "roll" + 藁 wara "straw") was bound to the top with rope to form a striking surface". 2) It originated in Okinawa not Japan. 3) I'm sure it would be less boring for you if the Real Housewives of Orange County used them. 4) The glove was just temporary but I really liked your idea of using a mini pad. Maybe I could wrap it in tampons.

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