Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Four Foodie Freaks

I have known for a while that my kids are weird. Jeff and I have a varied palate, and we dine at home for dinner almost every night. Since I am not a short order cook, I have implemented the TEWWE parenting philosophy when it comes to meals. They eat what we eat.

Oh sure, I could whip up some gluten free chicken nuggets with ketchup. I could feast on fries and burgers every night too, if I were a lunatic. Instead, I make a meal that suits me, and the kids just go with the flow. They are my four foodie freaks. They really do not know any better.

Have you ever seen a kid, yet alone four of them, that willing eat their dinner with a choice of three sauces? Tonight, I experimented with some fresh steelhead trout, grilled with a hint of olive oil and sea salt. I served it up with steamed rice, broccoli florets and green grapes. The kids snarfed it up and were quite pleased with their dinner.

We had a sampling or tasting of the sauce choices, and my gourmands each picked their fave. There was a roasted raspberry chipotle bbq, sesame teriyaki, and the sweet chili sauce from Panda Express and the score at Big Lots. It was funny to me that they had so much fun deciding on which of the various sauces was the best.

While this post is extremely sarcastic about these kids and their love of all things fresh food, it is also my post to recognize that kids do as they see. People have asked me how I get them to eat such an adult geared meal- I always say the same thing. They eat what we eat, or they can sit and watch us. It is about making choices, and I choose to cook one meal for all of us.

As much as I brag about my kids eating habits, I must say that I am truly grateful and proud that this is one area where I have not failed. It is one area.

Perhaps my four foodie freaks will inspire some tough love at the dinner table in your house. Monkey see, monkey do, monkey eats steelhead trout too.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I am not a short order cook and everyone here eats the same meal. I only have one little one so far, and a hubby who has become considerably less picky since marrying me.
Love that you do the TEWWE method.

laraine said...

I like that you even gave your method a name! I do the same. The eat what I make, or they don't eat. I figure they won't starve before the next meal comes around.

I was LMAO when Natalie was licking the cap and then put it back on the bottle. That was too cute!.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

GOOD LORD Laraine, I missed that. I just re-watched the video and I am horrified. SHUDDER.

Here I thought I was risking their health letting them lick the mixing beaters with batter that contains raw, I have bacteria laden sauces in the fridge too,

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