Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

I was probably the only Jewish Mother that sent her kids to the CHANEL school dressed in various shades of bright green today. Everyone is Irish on St Patrick's Day, right? Hell yeah!

In keeping with my annual Irish spirit, I wore green, poured green goodness smoothies for the kids, and felt lucky. I did not drink green beer, although a green olive in my very cold, very dirty martini looked mighty festive I must say. Erin Go Bra-less, why, yes, I think that is a fine idea. Helene go bra-less too, thank-you-very-much.

The kids came home from school with bags full of Purim projects. They made the scrolls of the Purim story, called megillahs.

Eli was especially proud of his REAL megillah. This is actually a little play on words because megillah means a big story, or in slang, when someone is draying on and on telling you something, they are giving you the entire megillah. Eli wanted to show me each page, point out all the players in the scroll,

and read it as I was making dinner. Megillah indeed Eli.

I did wonder why the kids were asked to bring in Pringles cans last week. Pringles while kosher, are NOT GLUTEN FREE, so we were unable to contribute the materials necessaryfor this cute craft. Now I feel a little guilty for not participating in what would be the real megillah storage unit(s) for the class. Ooopsie, bad mommie!

The children each made a triangular shaped hamantaschen holder too.
They made the Purim cookies in class and I found out that CJ made his with play-dough. I love that he is cool with being different. He was not able to make or eat the hamantaschen at school but he could have cared less. He ended up making alien shaped hamataschen from play-dough and had more fun, or at least that is what he self reported to me.

I tried to explain St. Patrick's day to the four inquiring minds. I did my best to educate them in way they would understand. I said, "Irish people celebrate St. Patrick's day and it is a fun holiday. Jewish people celebrate Purim and it is fun too. This year, at our house, everyone will be Irish on St. Patrick's day, and Jewish on Purim."


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