Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do not Pass-over the Gluten Free Options

This is the time of year when the Passover foods are in full bloom. Most grocery stores, especially the ones near a Jewish population, will be stocked with all kinds of Kosher for Passover products, a ton of which are gluten free.

I always stock up on the gluten free extra wide egg noodles. These are made with potato starch and when cooked, drained and shocked into ice water to stop them from over cooking are excellent. I make a mean chicken noodle soup with these. The trick is to cook the noodles and shock them with cold, drain them and add them back to the soup just before serving. I reheat them in the hot soup enough to serve, otherwise; mush. Potato starch is a thickening agent so if you cook them in the soup you will end up with a pot of gelatinous broth and mushy noodles. Been there, done that.

Take a gander at what your favorite grocery store has on the Passover shelves now. Make a mental note of who is carrying the egg noodles, who has the Dr. Praegers Broccoli pancakes, and who has the coconut marshmallows. Wait until the middle to end of the Passover holiday when the store is clearancing these things, and stock up. Remember when I did that last year? I am get prepared this time, and I know what is on my ultimate hit list.

My friend Dana found gluten free gefilte fish on line. The minimum order was four jars with free shipping, so we are splitting that like some kind of weird cult of Gluten Free Kosher for Passover co-op. First, I was brokering gluten free flour, now Dana is in charge of stock piling the gefilte fish. Fortunately, Jeff likes the stuff because I won't be touching it. I am hoping the CJ will enjoy eating it as part of our traditional Passover Seder meal.

In other news, my parents are coming for Passover while the triplets are on Spring Break from the Chanel School. The kids are so excited. Much like the countdown to Aaryn and Moshe, we are now onto the countdown to Nana and Papa.

Passover....the kids are out of school for ten days. I can hardly wait. (sarcasm)

In the mean time, I will be preparing the house for the spring cleaning, this includes not passing over any gluten free options, like gefilte fish.


asrubin10 said...

you should see all your options in NY!

Susan said...

There are frozen logs that are just yummy! You have to cook them yourself (nobody is happy that day except the stray cats in the area)but it ends up being "dry" and not snot-like. Even my kids eat it. Sadly to say...I got mine in Pittsburgh last weekend so I don't know if they have them here but it's an option if you schlep to Bexley to check out the selection.
Enjoy and Happy Spring. (now if Ohio would just get the hint and actually HAVE spring...we'd be happy)

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