Monday, March 7, 2011

The Cherbourg Gluten Free Nut Free Bakery in Bexley

I have been asked to write a monthly column for the Columbus Mother of Twins Club. I have self titled my articles, HELENE EATS GLUTEN FREE, so I can cover the gamut on the topic. In addition to eating gluten free, I cook, shop and dine gluten free too, so this will give me a wide variety of subject matter for my articles.

I wanted my very first official piece to cover the amazing Gluten free, and NUT FREE bakery in Bexley. The Cherbourg Bakery is at:
541 S. Drexel Ave.
Bexley, OH 43209

Finding a nut free bakery is like finding a needle in a haystack, so combining gluten free and nut free is slam dunk for allergen conscious families. The Cherbourg Bakery is every thing you would expect from a gourmet, high-end,
luxurious dessert shop and it is more. Or less, is you are avoiding gluten, and all kinds of nuts. Less is more in that case, right?

The bakery space is a retro, old fashioned kitchen with a view of the goods in progress. Since the location had never been used for food prep, it is not cross contaminated by previous ingredients. The kitchen is dedicated to being gluten and nut free, past, present and future. This is vital to those who can not risk being accidentally harmed by allergens. Cherbourg uses organic ingredients, local eggs and dairy and they are committed to keeping it simple.

Simple and delicious I might add. The photos do not do the confections justice. At all.

I love the look of the place alone, but that would not be enough to keep me coming back. It is the baked goods that deserve the glory. There are two kinds of gluten free bakeries, good- considering it is gluten free, and so good you forget it is gluten free. The Cherbourg bakery in Bexley is the latter, taken to the next level. It is visually magazine photography worthy, and tastes like a blue ribbon winning county fair. Cherbourg is born from the idea that gluten free/nut free treats can be beautiful, delicious and bought in a sweet shop.

You do not have to have dietary needs to dine at the Cherboug Bakery. It is just nice to know that when you do have the need, they are there.

The menu offers lemon bars, cookies, brownies,

cakes and seasonal favorites. Custom orders can be placed ahead to ensure availability. Cherbourg even makes the most darling looking sugar cookies in cut-outs. How cool to know that if you need a precious looking, artisan dessert, they can custom make something to WOW your gluten free/nut free guest.

It is my hope that in all the google searching, blog forwarding, and social media savvy sites, this entry will appear in front of those who are looking or needing to find a nut free/gluten free bakery.

Go ahead and check out the Cherbough bakery in Bexley. Be sure to tell them that "Helene eats gluten free" sent you. As a business owner, it is fun and rewarding to learn how the customers arrived at the front door. Word of mouth advertising speaks volumes, so speak up!

Have a gluten free, nut free, chocolate chip oatmeal cookie in my honor. You will be glad you did. And yes, I told you so.

PS- I was so excited to eat, talk and learn more about the bakery that in my in person interview, I failed to take my own photos. I am using the images from the company website, and my own google image search, but I promise to take CJ there to get my own smiling shots.


jessica said...

I instantly sent this blog link and the link to the bakery to one of the Canton MoM's members! Her girls are Ana to nuts! She is already ready to plan a road trip just so they can experience this simple treat! Thanks for sharing!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Awwww Jessica, that is exactly what Geri and I were talking about. There is a simple pleasure and cool factor in seeing someone who otherwise could never eat in a bakery, come in and just be in awe. We especially have soft spots for kids who experiencing the bakery for the first time.

I am smiling just thinking about it. Thanks for the forward!

SweetDebbie said...

My son has multiple food allergies so it's nice to see bakeries popping up that accomodate. Thanks so much for writing about this.

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