Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Birthplace of Aviation is Lame

Sandals one day, snow boots the next! This should be on the OHIO license plates because our effed up weather is just that interesting. We currently have birthplace of aviation. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Don't you think the shoe scenario is more catchy than birthplace of aviation? We could even get shoe designers to underwrite the cost of the plates with their logos- great advertising and product placement. Hey, come to think of it, Designer Shoe Warehouse is based here, perhaps they should lead the movement to get our license plate motto changed to, OHIO- sandals one day, boots the next!

Two days ago, I was strutting around town with my Via Spiga 5" wedge platform sandals on- freshly self polished toes, Prada sunglasses perched on my face to shield me from the bright glare, windows down on my super sexy minivan, and a refreshing breeze blowing through my Great Lengths weave from the sun roof. Life was good. That was two days ago.

Today, it snowed. FML.

We got the whole enchilada too. Howling winds, slick roads, white powder on the foilage and yes, I had to wear BOOTS. I crammed my pretty pink toes into opaque matte black jersey microfiber tights and into my knee-high Donald Pliner black boots with the stacked heel and rubberized lug sole. The boots were made in the mountains of Italy, which is where I wished I was today.

That is the one thing about living here, you can never second guess mother nature, which is another kind of muther-- if you know what I mean.

Here is the mukiwara board a few days ago,
when Jeff and the kids were outside enjoying the pleasant temperatures in short sleeves. Today, the mukiwara board is snow capped

along with all of my spring bulbs and budding bedding plants. So much for a colorful border garden this spring. Gahhhh, I probably won't have a single tulip or daffodil left after tonight, when the low is expected to hover around 25 degrees.

In short, the birthplace of aviation is also the land of four seasons- all in one week. Maybe that should be our motto? I am voting for DSW to help me change Ohio's image, one car at a time!

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